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Nancy Northup was born 29 MAY 1825 in Meigs Co., VA, the daughter of Hampton and Elizabeth Jane (Dean) Northup She was married to Jacob Marion Argubright (b: 28 OCT 1816 in Meigs Co., VA) BEF. JAN 1843 in LaSalle Co., IL. They had twelve known children and she died BEF. JAN 1903 in Vermionville, IL.

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Jacob and Nancy (Northup) Argubright Family

Children of Jacob and Nancy (Northup) Argubright

Jacob Marion ARGUBRIGHT b: BEF. JUL 1844
Susannah E. ARGUBRIGHT b: 22 MAR 1846
Nancy Jane ARGUBRIGHT b: 11 MAR 1848
Direatha A. ARGUBRIGHT b: BEF. APR 1850
Mary Elizabeth ARGUBRIGHT b: 22 MAR 1852
Sarah J. ARGUBRIGHT b: 22 SEP 1853
John H. ARGUBRIGHT b: 11 MAY 1855
Lizzie N. ARGUBRIGHT b: 28 JUN 1857
Louisa M. ARGUBRIGHT b: BEF. FEB 1859
Thomas J. ARGUBRIGHT b: 28 NOV 1861
Stephen J. ARGUBRIGHT b: 18 MAR 1864 in Brookfield Towns, LaSalle Co., IL
Caleb Odle ARGUBRIGHT b: 18 AUG 1866 in LaSalle Co., IL